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The View From Here

The Glass Wall

Last weekend I walked into the side panel of a glass door at a local restaurant and broke my nose. Classic klutz move.

But it was a good weekend all the same. I spent some time out back, working in the yard, and finally got my tomatoes planted. Went to the beach on Sunday, sore schnoz and all, and soaked up a few pre-summer rays.

Monday I pedaled my bike up to our local veterans cemetery and took a spin through to give a nod of appreciation to all those men and women who served. I don’t care what your political stripes are, when you see those rows of red, white, and blue flags stretching out as far as you can see, you get a lump in your throat. As I rolled past the monuments and the graves all I could think to do was whisper “Thanks, you guys are the best.” I couldn’t help wondering about all that they must have been through to make sure that I could plant my tomatoes and ride my bike and lounge on the beach on a sunny Sunday afternoon whenever I wanted. My nose didn’t hurt so much after that.

It did get me to thinking, though, about how quickly things can happen in life, how things can change in the blink of an eye. I had gone into the restaurant, starving out of my mind, to see if they had a table, while my family waited in the car. I smacked into the glass when I was hurrying back out to tell them to come on in. Never saw it coming. And never got back into the restaurant.

That’s just how things happen sometimes, especially when you’re in a hurry and you’re not paying attention. So this weekend I’m planning to slow down a little, keep my head up, and watch where I’m going. Hope you do too.

Be safe out there!

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