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The View From Here

Don't Sweat It

Yeah, it's been hot. It can happen this time of year, but everyone always acts surprised when it does.

I live near the beach, so things get pretty crazy around here when the mercury scoots above the century mark. Makes people anxious, sometimes to the point of hysteria, to get to the ocean and cool off. I can't really blame them; it can be tough in the city.

As for me, though, I kind of like the heat. If you let it, this scorching weather makes you slow down, take your time a little more, and not worry so much. What can you do when it's too hot to even think about moving? I think maybe it's nature's way of making us chill out for a while--except without the chill, if you know what I mean.

One of the things I like best about this weather is that my tomato garden is going gangbusters. I've never had such beautiful plants. I can almost taste the tomatoes now when I look at them! The zucchini and summer squash are going on strong as well.

It's a good time to write as well. Okay, I admit that I do have an AC unit in my office window, but I only use it when it's really unbearable. Besides, all the really creative stuff goes on in my head when I'm away from my office. I'm starting to make some progess on my new book, so I feel good about that.

Anyway, the weather's the weather, so just make the best of it. Find a reason to be happy, even if you're hot and miserable. Look for a shady spot someplace, stretch out for a while (maybe with a good book), and count your blessings. We all have at least a few.

And don't forget, come January you'll be missing this heat!


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