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The View From Here

Waisting Time

Okay, we just rolled over three weeks into the new year and my resolution to shed ten pounds is already looking...well, irresolute. I don't have to bother stepping on the scale to know, the waistline of my slacks tell the story.

I thought I'd do better once a couple of weeks went by and the last of the pies and cakes and Christmas cookies were finally consumed. And I really do try to be good, but things happen, like Sunday when the Patriots lost to the Broncos, for instance.

After the game, I was too distraught by the loss to even think about eating. But then my wife whipped up this pasta dish I'd never had, using gemelli in a pesto sauce with potatoes and green beans. Oh, my God. It sounds like a strange combination but it was unbelievable. Long and the short, I rediscovered my appetite and put the game behind me.

I love that about food, the way it can pick you right up when you're down, so I'm not going to waste too much time fretting about carrying a little extra girth around. It's the winter, after all. Time to be hibernate. I'll worry about it in the spring when I can get back out on my bicycle and ride a few pounds off.

Been getting some nice feedback on "The Glassblower's Apprentice". Thank you all!
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