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The View From Here

Arriverderici Pomodori!

September has finally left town and alas has taken with it the last of our tomatoes. But who can complain? 2010 was a banner crop, at least nel Giardino Pezzelli. Maybe it was all the warm weather, but I don't think we've ever had such big, beautiful, delicious tomatoes, and in such abundance! We couldn't  Read More 
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Powitanie polskich przyjació!

A few days ago I received my first copy of Kuchnia Franceski, the Polish translation of Francesca's Kitchen! It was just published in June by Wydawnictwo Literackie, a publishing house in Krakow. Literackie will be publishing my other books over the next year or so.

I'm always excited when one of my  Read More 
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Don't Sweat It

Yeah, it's been hot. It can happen this time of year, but everyone always acts surprised when it does.

I live near the beach, so things get pretty crazy around here when the mercury scoots above the century mark. Makes people anxious, sometimes to the point of hysteria, to get to the ocean and  Read More 
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Odds and Ends

Okay, so it's been a little over a month since I got this website up and running. It has turned out to be more fun than I thought. I get a kick out of tweaking it, writing this blog, I've even learned a little HTML.

Of course, now that I have a website everyone's  Read More 
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The Glass Wall

Last weekend I walked into the side panel of a glass door at a local restaurant and broke my nose. Classic klutz move.

But it was a good weekend all the same. I spent some time out back, working in the yard, and finally got my tomatoes planted. Went to the beach on Sunday,  Read More 
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Lately I've been feeling a lot like that guy at the bar in Rick's Cafe Americain. "Waiting, waiting, waiting," he mutters, staring forlornly into his drink. "I never get out of this place. I die in Casablanca."

Okay, maybe it hasn't been quite that bad, waiting for my new book, Villa Mirabella, to be  Read More 
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Step One

Six years ago, when Home To Italy was first published, my editor suggested that it might be a good idea for me to develop an author's website. I agreed that it might be a good idea too.

A couple of years later, just before Francesca's Kitchen hit the bookshelves, my agent suggested that it  Read More 
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